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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Essential Business COVID-19
To all Lansing Sanitary & Indusco Supply Co. Customers,

We will remain operational. Lansing Sanitary Supply & Indusco Supply Co. are in the category deemed essential. Our operational hours will remain as per normal hours M-F 8AM - 5PM. We are committed to providing the essential supplies we distribute to the people and facilities that need them now more than ever. Our purpose is as simple and clear as it's ever been - provide the products that can help '"flatten the curve of infection" and can help save lives. 

The surge in demand for our critical items continues to be unprecedented. We are working tirelessly with our suppliers to get better timelines of shipments and to understand their allocations. We will continue to prioritize all "critical" items to essential businesses - including but not limited to EPA registered disinfectants, Personal Protective Equipment, hand soap, hand sanitizer, all paper products, electric sprayers, bottles and triggers. With a "first and foremost" priority on all Healthcare facilities. 

Our strong internal safety measures are in place. Our office, warehouse and Drivers, Service/repair & parts, and our Commercial Laundry and Warewash services. All departments have safety protocols that must be adhered to. This is for the protection, health and safety of our team and for our customers. Social Distancing is being practices within the walls of our building at all times. There is a twice daily disinfection plan in place on all touch points, flat surfaces, phones, electronics, dollu and pallet jack handles, fork truck steering wheels and controls, vehicle/fleet steering wheels and controls and door handles.  

We made the difficult, but correct decision to temporarily lockdown our building and close our showroom to the public as of March 16th. We are asking that any consulting and transactions be handled either via online ordering or over the phone, email, etc. We've been able to continue as normal with any customer pick-up requests, while maintaining social distancing. 

We will continue to do our very best to provide infection prevention products where they are most needed in this incredibly turbulent time. "We are all in this together" - a phrase that can NEVER be overstated.  

Thank you for allowing us the privilege and the honor to be your supplier and your source of expertise. 

Best in health to all, 

Joseph Ellis 
Executive Vice President 
Lansing Sanitary Supply & Indusco Supply Co. 
(800) 632-6333

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