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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Green Cleaning

All around each and every one of us is the environment in which we live and breathe. The eco-system which we all live in is a very fragile place. It is our responsibility to maintain and improve the quality of the environment for this and future generations. Science and technology are constantly looking for ways to make this a healthier and safer place for us to exist.

The cleaning industry has always been the leader when it pertains to a “cleaner environment”. Historically the goal of the cleaning industry has been to rid the world of deadly disease and infection. This has been an evolution since the early 1900’s. As we enter the 21st century a greater understanding of cleaning has grown from the need to constantly improve the chemicals we clean with.

The latest buzz word in the world of cleaning is called “Green Cleaning”. The overall goal of “Green Cleaning” is dedicated to the replacing of existing toxic and hazardous cleaning chemicals with environmentally preferable alternatives. Among the many benefits of implementing a “Green Cleaning” program is an improved indoor air quality with the reduction of allergens, a healthier facility for students, teachers and custodians, a reduction in sick days and associated health costs, and a reduction in both water and air pollution.

The federal government has become the bandleader when it comes to pursuing a total “Green” cleaned environment by requiring all federal buildings to “Go Green”. State and Local governments are close behind as they see the benefits of such a cleaning program. Many states have already made the move in that direction in public buildings such as schools.

We at LSS have various products and programs at our disposal to help the end user to convert to “Green Cleaning”. These products are cost effective and can be dilution controlled for further cost savings. Training of staff and students can be conducted by any LSS representative to explain the benefits to a conversion to a program of this type. Surprisingly the commitment to “Go Green” can be less expensive than your current cleaning program, contact our our company for a free analysis of your current program.

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